8 fantastic tiny home floor plans for families, #2 is divine

Perfect tiny home ideas with three bedrooms to suit you and your kids!
Do you desire to get involved with the tiny home revolution but you think it’s an impossible dream because you have kids? After all, children need space, don’t they?
A huge part of the tiny home appeal is the opportunity to do more things outside your dwelling, as a family, for your own entertainment and health. Tiny homes are perfect for kids as they provide a safe space to come back to at the end of a day of exploring and adventuring.

1. Contemporary Wood & Glass Lodge from Family Home Plans
This super stylish 877 square foot residence has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and one half-bathroom. It would sit beautifully in a woodland space to really appreciate the canopy views through the big windows.

The large open-plan living and dining room area allow for a watchful eye to be maintained over the kids from the kitchen, and built in storage around the bedrooms would prove exceptionally useful.