Mobile Mitten Tiny Homes Makes a Grand Entrance With 200 SF of Pure Delight for sale $69,000

Mobile Mitten Tiny Homes is a new tiny house design firm located in Corunna, MI. The company has just completed work on its first tiny house on wheels, and they are off to an incredible start!

Below, you can watch a video of the house:

Here you can see the house in a Michigan setting which Mobile Mitten describes quite well on their site as “a vast expanse of verdant forest, punctuated and surrounded by sapphire blue lakes … This is the backdrop that inspires us to create dwellings that invite you to enjoy the outdoors, while tempting you back to their comfort and luxury.”

Mobile Mitten Tiny Homes Tour

It is easy to see that inspiration in the design of the house. Like the sapphire lake behind it, it is a blue gem of beauty and delight. Measuring 30 feet in length, it weighs in just shy of 10,000 pounds. This provides plenty of clearance for the 14,000 pound limit of the trailer it rests on. There is a lifetime guarantee on the steel siding as well as a 40-year guarantee on the paint. PVC was used for the trim. This material can stand up to a harsh climate without showing wear and tear.


Mobile Mitten Tiny Homes Tour
There are 200 square feet of living space in this tiny house. Here you can see the kitchen and the living room. The large Andersen windows bringing in the light are made of tempered glass.