The extra warmth that the wood paneling gives to this 1948 Zimmer is unbeatable

Dan, from Georgetown Fl., sent the photos of this gorgeous 1948 Zimmer Trailer to Vintage Camper Trailer, hoping to sell it. If you ask us, we don’t even understand how is it possible that it hasn’t sold yet! According to the post, the 26-foot trailer has been completely renovated from top to bottom.
Obviously, there’s been a lot of work involved in renovating this vintage beauty, but the results are more than worth it. “I saw $34k and I was like you’re nuts… Then I looked at the photos. WOW, worth every damn penny. A job very well done, lots of pride in that work,” says an impressed fan on the Facebook post.

As Dan explains on the post, they have added a beautiful and completely new bamboo flooring over the plywood floor. It adds a very homey touch to the atmosphere that it’s really difficult to beat. The woodwork covering almost every single inch of the Zimmer adds that extra touch of warmth that makes it feel like a real home.

The kitchen features a two-burner cook top, a fridge and a sink. In case you haven’t noticed, it also includes a deliciously vintage radio that matches the color of the trailer outside.
However, is the wooden panels and details what really catch the eye inside this 1948 beauty. From the kitchen cabinets to the dresser or the little wall mounted shelves, what’s not to like about the decoration of this trailer?
The plumbing has been completely redone, and it has a brand new toilet and water heater.
The outside colors are extremely vibrant and beautiful. They’re perfect for the retro vibe of this trailer.
But the retro vibe doesn’t mind everything is or has to be old. Dan explains how they’ve added new tires, but also repacked the bearings, and added new tail lights, as well as new wiring harnessand safety chains.
The marker lights, however, have been rebuilt with their  original glass lenses. The outlet and light fixtures are also new.

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