Who Wants To Hang A Fishing Line Over The Balcony Of This Log Cabin On The Lake?

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What sets the Ruby Lake log cabin apart from other cabin building designs is the use of Western Red Cedar throughout this log cabin building. Everywhere you look there are impressive beams with that beautiful look that you can only get from Western Red Cedar. Everywhere you look with this log cabin there is something to see. Handcrafted log homes don’t get much better than this. Down below you will find stonework that compliments this log home design even more. Aesthetically, Western Red Cedar is a naturally stunning building material that has deep, tonal properties that accentuate its rich textured wood grains and exposed heartwood. Western Red Cedar is pitch and resin-free, which means that the wood can hold a variety of finishes from semi-transparent stains to more elegant dark stains. It is also an incredibly durable wood, keeping your structure attractive for years to come. For hundreds of years, Western Red Cedar has been a celebrated wood by the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations and considered Tree of Life. The wood has been used to build longhouses, totem poles and canoes.

The Ruby Lake cabin building is a well planned, efficient log home that utilizes space efficiently while taking advantage of the picturesque landscape. Streamline Design Ltd. is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia and they’ve been completing log home projects throughout Canada, the United States and internationally since 2004. You can find their completed log home projects around the world to include Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, France, Bosnia, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Lebanon, the United Kingdom and the Bahamas. They have a variety of log house floor plans that range in size from 654 square feet to over 4,000 square feet in size.

This Story was Inspired By: Streamline Design Ltd.