This House Looks Plain, But Wait Till You See The Interior

Do you ever look around your house and wonder, “how and when did I collect all this junk?” After seeing this home, we here at SF Globe are definitely considering a simpler life!

Chris Heininge comes from a family of “gifted craftsmen, artists, and designers.” His family has designed and built over 100 homes in Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. It’s no surprise that with such experience, their homes have been catching the attention of many new and old homebuyers.

Influenced by his teenage years as a Christian Missionary in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and India, Chris adopted the principle of “tiny living.” He loved the Japanese tradition of a beautiful, simplistic life without material objects crowding it.

While living in Aurora, Oregon in 1999, Chris began building the first in his series of tiny homes. He saw that people were moving away from the idea of “McMansions” and enjoying the efficiency of “tiny living.” The tiny homes not only cost less to build, but they’re also cheaper to maintain. 
Here is an overview of one of Chris’s mobile tiny homes.
Here’s the view from the outside: 
Living room view from the kitchen: