The Tumbleweed 2,884 Square Foot Log Home

The Tumbleweed sits on a beautiful location on top of a mountain in the Catskills. With a total of 2,884 square feet, this stunning log home is an inspiring design that would be even more inspiring to live in. The log home has 2,048 square feet on the main level, and 836 square feet on the upper level. This log home has a great open room with a cathedral ceiling, three to four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. There are lots of great details to love in this log home design.

From the red trim around the windows and doors that seem to tie the overall exterior look together, the exposed trusses inside and outside, the back covered porch and the exposed beams. You will also find log railings inside that look down from the loft space upstairs to the space below. Inside there is a built-in window seat that adds character, a stone fireplace that is the focal point of the great room, and lots of log home decor to keep you inspired. Everything about this rustic log home design is warm and inviting; one look inside, and you can’t help but wish you were there.

When Gary Silver, a skilled architect found this site on top of a mountain in the Catskills, he knew then and there that his twenty-year-old dream could finally happen. He had designed a log home for his father years ago. The log house was never built, but the log home plans were perfect for this particular mountain property. He talked to the log home design team from Beaver Mountain Log Homes, and he liked the answers he was getting to some of his questions. His log home plans called for two wings in the log home and had some challenging angles. Silver wanted help, but not someone to tell me him what he should do. Beaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes delivered the log home that he wanted. The log home design team made his plans work, and he’s happy with the way the log home turned out.