Magnificent Steel Frame Gambrel Type Homes Starting from $19,950

From AmeriBuilt Steel Structures, we have the Gambrel steel building design. What makes the Gambrel Steel design so unique, is the shape if its rooftop. The roof is sloped and if you choose to have an overhang, that is one of your options. One of the draws to this type of steel building is that because of the shape of the roof this style of building can be a country home, city dwelling, or a getaway in a remote area of the forest, and it never look out of place.

Another great thing about the Gambrel steel design, is that it is not structured as a home only, but also works well and looks stunning, as a storage area, barn, guest home, or children’s play area/family hobby area. The roof shape and optional overhangs makes this look suitable for just about any type of space you’re looking for.

A prefab home can be the best choice for you if you want to make decision fast and want your house to be built faster than the traditional ways. Some of the benefits for choosing a prefab home are discussed below.

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Here’s a gallery of images for this Ameribuilt Steel house. With that big open space and the light interior wood they use, it really does look quite bright and airy, doesn’t it. These guys have been building these buildings for a long while, which means they’ve dealt with so many customers you’d expect they are probably familiar with most of the things you might throw at them. Also, these buildings can clearly be re-purposed as guest houses, storage buildings, garages, and even barns or stables.