The Country Cubco Cedar Log Home Is Every Skier’s Dream

The Country Cubco Cedar Home features 2,348 square feet of fantastic log home living. Most people start out with the idea of an addition to their small log ski cabin and find out as they start to create their vision that starting from scratch would be better. The owners of this particular cabin wanted enough room for their family and friends, so the new cedar log home was custom built to accommodate large groups of skiers and snowmobilers who wanted to experience the Catskills in the winter.

There are so many incredible aspects of this home including the kitchen. The kitchen in this log home has a large food preparation area and a dining area close by making it very convenient. They also included some nautical themed decor, ski and mountain decor as well as some modern touches too. The log home has three bedrooms and a recreation area that has additional bunks, so there is always somewhere for guests to sleep.