Pull This Adorable MeerKat Tiny House With Any 4-Cylinder Vehicle AND Store It In Your Regular Garage!

Are your days of tenting coming to a close? Maybe you’re interested in getting a tent trailer or a lightweight travel trailer instead. This is a great idea to upgrade from tent camping up to something that’s somewhat like an RV but not as large. The nice thing about these smaller travel trailers is that you can take them on the road with your smaller vehicle usually depending on the size and weight. That way, you don’t have to buy a heavy-duty truck to make sure that you can tow the trailer properly. Of course, there are so many nice vintage trailers out there, and there is the option of refinishing one to bring it up to date and to make use of something old. But you do run the risk of getting a bad trailer that has leaks in the roof which will ruin your camping trip. At the end of the day, it may cost just as much to properly fix up an old trailer as it might to buy a new one when you add up all of the repairs. So it’s best to just go new from the beginning and have your trailer for years to come.

There are plenty of new trailers out there on the market, including new versions of Airstreams and Teardrop trailers. The MeerKat is a unique new trailer that has a lot of great features campers will love. One of them being the great stand up headroom inside the trailer as well as the onboard toilet which many small trailers don’t include. Plus, this one is only 900 pounds, which means it can be towed by just a car making it desirable for those who don’t own trucks or SUVs. It can also be stored in a storage unit or a regular garage so that it stays safe throughout the winter or any other time it’s not parked. You could just park it in your own garage or parkade or rent a storage garage to park it in. The width of the trailer is 60 inches on the outside, and 58 inches on the inside with a height of 73 inches total on the inside. It’s also 9.6 feet long and can hold up to 2,000 pounds. The mattress is a 59 inch by 70 inch by 81-inch bed, making it great for two people. There’s also a little kitchen area with a sink and cabinets and a small countertop. There’s also a little ice chest hidden in the cabinets too.

When the trailer is set up, a tent area can be added on to provide some space to sit outside without being bothered by the bugs. The door leads right into the tent and then there is a large opening on the tent to get in and out. It also provides a nice shaded place to hang out when it’s too sunny out. The main area inside the trailer is comprised of the U-shaped bench seating with storage underneath and overhead with a table in the centre. The bench seating and table works together to create the nice comfortable bed to sleep on every night. Then during the day, it can transform back into a seating arrangement with the table. All of the cabinetry and floors are made out of wood, which makes it feel like a little cabin on wheels. They also placed lots of windows throughout the trailer, so there is some natural light and views from the trailer. The popup in the trailer allows for a higher ceiling at one part of the trailer too. Wouldn’t you love to travel around in one of these?