Possibly The Most Amazing Family Log Home Design You’ll See This Month

The Kinsman from Coventry Log Homes is a three bedroom, two and a half bathroom log home with an open concept design and loft. This log home kit builds a home that is 2,013 square feet with pre-cut log packages starting at $58,300 and complete log home package as high as $137,700. The open concept kitchen, dining room, and living room, with a master bedroom and ensuite on the first floor. On the second floor, there are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a loft area that opens to the area below. The Kinsman log home has a large farmer’s porch on the main floor A cathedral ceiling and lots of windows in the open concept space below make this log home kits feel spacious and full of light.

Coventry Log Homes of Woodsville, New Hampshire is dedicated to building green log home kits. They follow green building guidelines for building and remodelling that are environmentally responsible. Their mission statement is to promote, educate and support the practice of green building and remodelling in New Hampshire by creating a meaningful yet flexible standard for building log home kits and remodelling log home techniques and materials. They encourage builders and remodelers to incorporate minimal environmental impact during the land development process, to use log home building materials that preserve human health and the environment, conserve energy and use sustainable or recycled products into the everyday process of log home building. The log home kits for sale are not only beautiful but a step in the right direction when it comes to doing something good for the environment. Log home kits are a wonderful way to build a log home for full time living or to own a log home vacation home that you can enjoy time with family and friends. Log home kits that are built using environmentally friendly products and practices is a way we can all help the environment.

The Kinsman is just one of the log home kits available from Coventry. Coventry Log Homes have over 90 models of log home kits in four separate categories to include the Craftsman, the Tradesman log home, the Cabin and the Timber Frame as well as additions and garages. The log house kits are built at the mill at Coventry Log Homes where they produce log house three package options from the log wall, the shell and the complete log home package in a variety of log home profiles.

Coventry log homes also produce log home kits that range from a six by eight and eight by eight solid milled to mimic the traditional look of clapboard siding as well as regular log home siding. When people are looking for log house kits, they want to know that the log house company they are purchasing their log house from practices green building methods. The good news about this quality log home kits company is that all of their construction methods meet the highest levels for building green. The following are just some of the green practices that you will find Coventry Log Homes takes part in. Their log home products are all natural and do not contain any harmful toxins.