Must See Inside this Classic Handcrafted Log House

This stunning log house design is located at the beautiful location of Szczecin Lagoon. Imagine spending time in this good sized log cabin home with its unique roof, large logs, lots of windows and idyllic forest location. Spending time in a log cabin is a wonderful way to de-stress and get some quality time in with family and friends. A log house design like this is the thing that dreams are made of. There is something special about staying in a log cabin built with natural materials; you are likely to have some of the best sleep with all that fresh air and logs. You are also more likely to get out and enjoy some hiking, swimming, walking and physical activity. A log cabin vacation is sure to be a place where you make treasured memories with family and friends. It might just become a yearly tradition.

When it comes to choosing log homes plans and designs, you will see both handcrafted log cabin designs and machine milled log homes. While both are appealing, you might prefer one over the other. In handcrafted log house designs, the logs used in the build still look like the natural log as they were in the forest, with the only alteration of the log being the removal of the outer log bark and part of the inner bark layer. What makes handcrafted log cabin designs beautiful, is the character and the uniqueness of each log, just like nature intended, and this can be visible in the finished log cabin designs. Logs that have been altered by hand, by machine or with a combination of both building methods, but joined by custom hand fitting are still considered to be handcrafted log cabin designs. An example would be hewn log cabin walls, where the logs for the log cabin design have on both sides been flattened and then scribed or chinked together with interlocking notches. Now when it comes to a milled log cabin design, the logs are mechanically profiled and designed and to be identical in their dimension with every other log in the cabin design. The logs are not logs as you see from a tree, but machine milled pieces of timber cut in a log shape. So you will be able to see the difference in handcrafted log cabin designs in their unique look, with each log cabin design being different from the last. Handcrafted log cabin designs are much more labor intensive, and you will see this reflected in the overall price of the log cabin design. Whereas machine log cabin designs are not as labor intensive.

As for log cabin prices, the price will depend on a list of variables from the log cabin design, type of wood, size, style, roof structure and finish of the log cabin building materials. Most often the simpler the log cabin design, the lower the cost will be. With a simple rectangular one-story log cabin being the least expensive, as there are no corners involved in the cabin design, so it is the most basic of log cabin designs. If you are considering a log house design, you will want to determine your budget and work with an experienced designer or architect and a log home builder to figure out exactly what you are getting. Doing your log home research and talking to different builders is one of the first steps to realizing your log home dreams. This is just one of the log homes plans and designs you will find on holiday in on the Löffler Naturstammhaus log cabin designs site. **

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