Building A Cozy Cabin Under $4,000

Have you ever daydreamed about living a life off the grid? Building A Cozy Cabin Under $4,000 is very possible when you follow the steps from this guide from Towards Healthcare Emancipation. The dream of an off grid life is one that many people have these days, and as the world gets more complex and further removed from nature, more people are wanting to go back to living the old fashioned way. The way that people lived before all of the cell phones, computers and social media. Even though it’s nice that technology and social media keeps us in touch with each other, what we need is more authentic connection in real life. So it’s not surprising that many people are dropping their online presence for a simplified lifestyle. Thinking back even only 100 years ago may seem like a long time ago, but really, it’s not that far back. People back then were still living in off grid houses, in rural areas, and even though there was electricity, most farms didn’t have it. People with farms lived very simply, within their means, creating a life of sustainability and security.

Off grid life means different things too, because there are different grids that we subscribe to. There is the electric grid, which is most commonly what people are referring to when they talk about being off the grid. Then, there’s the cell phone grid, internet grid, cable grid, banking grid, water line grid, consumerist grid and so on. As you may imagine, going completely off grid might be pretty hard for many people to do 100%. But there are people who live this way by choice in North America. Of course, there are also people who live like this in North America, but not by choice, because of poverty. Then, in other cultures around the world there are still tribes people who live like this because they stay true to their traditional ways. Commercialized American people may tend to think of anyone living an off grid life style is poor, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Living a sustainable lifestyle is quite an abundant way of living. You have everything you need in your own little set up, and you can rely upon yourself for mostly everything. People living an off grid life are happy, healthy and they always love their lives. Sure, it’s not the easiest way to live, but when you are committed to yourself and building your life, it just seems natural.

If you are considering off grid houses for your off grid life, you can actually build your own log cabin. Again, it is a lot of work, but it will bring you so much satisfaction knowing that you built your own home yourself. Steve Maxwell, from Mother Nature News gives us all of the details on how to build your own log cabin from scratch. Steve lived in a log house like this one he shows us how to build. He recalls the four years he spent living in his log cabin some of the best years of his life. Even if you’re not building your own log cabin, these great tips he shares will help you to understand how to build any small structure, whether it be a shed, garage or cottage. Steve goes through the importance of building on a good foundation, and what foundation is going to be your best bet. Then, comes your floor frame, wall framing, roof frame, and then interior and exterior finishing options. The information he shares is great, so have a read through it and save this article for future use.***

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