The Internet LOVES This $58,000 Cozy Ranch Log Cabin

These log houses might look small to you, but The $58,000 Cozy Ranch Log Cabin is More Spacious Inside Then You Might Think. These lovely Keuka log cabins for sale from Woodtex Products is one of the log houses in their collection through their website. The Keuka is one of the “Woodtex” products line of log houses, and this log cabin is one of their most popular designs purchased from their company. With its beautiful and simple style and affordable price, its easy to see why. These log cabins could be enjoyed thoroughly by pretty much anyone looking to invest in a log house design. The Keuka log cabins are named after Keuka Lake, which is a part of the Finger Lakes Region in New York State. These log cabins feature a gorgeous, natural looking profile, with a gabled roof over the spacious front porch, which has lots of room to enjoy the fresh air. There are many design options when it comes to picking out the personal touches for the log cabin designs. With different log cabin designs available, it lets you custom design your log house construction the way you want it.

When it comes to selecting your log cabin kit, you can choose the size of the design that you prefer. Some of the log cabins design to choose from include sizes offered in a 450 square foot floor plan, a 540 square foot floor plan, and a 792 square foot floor plan, that is available in two different layout options. Each of the log cabin designs includes at least, one bedroom and one bathroom, but as the square footage in the log cabin designs increase, more bedrooms can be added. So the largest log cabin design is a 1392 square foot log cabin design that can have up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms along with a laundry room. Each of the log cabin designs has a lovely living area, which is usually the center of the log home design, along with a kitchen, and some of the log home designs have a good sized dining area. All of the log cabin designs include a covered porch off the front of the log home, which offers the perfect place to sit out and get some fresh air while still be protected from the elements. Another personal touch that can be added to the log home designs is the color of the log cabin. With so many options and log cabin home builders you can be assured you will find the log home of your dreams.

Log cabin home builders are so easy to find on the internet these days. In the past, some people would have to get their log cabin handcrafted which would take a lot more time and in most cases the log house costs would be much more than the log cabin kits that are more popular now. The handcrafting of logs is a very detailed and intensive project that requires a lot of attention to detail and long hours to get the logs to look just the way you want. So for people who want log house designs that are easier and less time consuming to build might opt for a log home kits. The log cabin home builders on the “Woodtex” site offer plenty of log home options for you to choose. You will find a wide variety of log home kits and designs with plenty of options to suit most anyone. With so many beautiful and charming log cabin kits and log cabin home builders, there is sure to be something to suit most anyone’s wants and needs. *

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