The Internet Is Loving This Little Restored Log Cabin, That Fireplace Though… Perfect

The Haller Lake Log Cabin is a beautiful example of how wonderful log cabins can really be. So if you’re in love with log cabins and homes, this is one cabin you’re going to love. The great news is, you can even stay in this cabin if you’re planning a trip to the Seattle area. Even though the cottage is close enough to Seattle to enjoy everything the city has to offer, it’s far enough out that you really feel like you’re getting a nature retreat. There are so many beautiful aspects to the design of this lovely home that you will see in each photo of the home. This log cabin shows that there is so much more that goes into building a cottage than four walls and a roof, there is so much love and attention to detail put into every square inch of this cabin. From the exterior photos of the home, you can just tell that it will be all kinds of amazing inside. The charming little cabin looks so picture perfect, on the hill among the trees, on the lake, immersed in nature. The perfect setting for this lovely little getaway. The cabin was restored from its original state and looks probably just as beautiful as it did the day it was built.

The stonework throughout the home is one thing that will catch your attention right away. Gorgeous, detailed and very meticulous stone mosaics are in pretty much every room of the house, including the living room where there is an amazing stone fireplace that just looks so natural since it’s made from river rocks. The stonework extends to the floor, and the floor is covered with tiny stones making up an intricate natural stone design on the floors, and in the shower in the bathroom. The main floor has the living room with the fireplace in the centre of the house. This way the heat can reach all parts of the cabin, so it stays nice and toasty warm. Plus, log cabins are known for being able to retain heat which helps keep them warmer longer. The logs are able to retain the heat from the air inside the cabin and then release it throughout the day and night as needed. So you don’t have to keep your fire burning all night. It’s also going to be a good idea to have some backup heat in the bedroom to stay warm throughout the night.

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Also on the main floor is a little eating area which is perfect for a few people. Plus, there is a kitchenette with a microwave, a single burner cooktop, a coffee maker, a toaster and a small refrigerator as well as a teapot, some dishes and glasses to use while you stay there. The cabin sleeps two people upstairs in a full sized bed, so it’s great for a couple to enjoy a romantic getaway or for a single person to enjoy a nice retreat on their own. There is no TV available, but there is WiFi available to use as you like. They do recommend to bring some warm slippers as the stone floor gets really cold. You can enjoy some fishing from the dock or use the paddleboat or canoe to go out on the lake. Fish from the dock or take a ride in the paddleboat. The lake is also just 20 minutes away from Seattle, so you can go into the city and do some of the activities within city limits. This would be a lovely place to stay and feel closer to nature. You can rent the cabin through Airbnb and enjoy log cabin relaxation.

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