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The Deerfield prefab log cabin home has a charming ranch’s open concept plan that offers easy and comfortable living. The deck/entryway along with lots of windows also add to the open feel of the log home by bringing in lots of natural light. The Deerfield prefab log cabin home cost $91,050 for the six by eight complete package. The log home has 1,376 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is an open concept design with the kitchen/living room and dining room, along with all of the bedrooms and bathrooms on the one floor.

A log house construction is a good idea if you want to build green. Log homes are also known to withstand many things that the environment throws at them. From cold to high winds, and extreme weather conditions, log homes are built to last. Log home kits may also be one of the most fire resistant builds you will find. There have been many stories told over the years, of fires that have burnt around log homes that are well built. You may hear of log cabins and log homes whose structural integrity was not destroyed after a fire. Some of the fire resistance in log homes has to do with the size of the logs used in the log homes, with larger logs the most resistant to fires. But a log home or log cabin that has well-built has solid walls have a natural fire resistive nature. Log homes and log cabins are also fire resistant because of the combination insulating response of the charred wood at the surface of the logs along with the very slow rate at which fire spreads along the surface of the log. With logs and wood being an organic building material, the logs are combustible, but because of they have charring and insulating qualities, this makes them resistance to fire. You will find something similar to this fire resistant log char coat in some of the manmade chemicals that are manufactured and used as fire retardants to help in protecting other building materials and buildings during fires. These qualities are just a few of the factors that make log home designs so popular.

The Deerfield is just one of the log house packages you will find on the Coventry Log Homes site. The prefab log cabin homes company has over 60 models that you can purchase log home kits for. They have all sorts of beautiful log house designs for small log homes as well as larger, custom designed log homes. Coventry Log Homes is a family business that has over 20 years of experience in prefab log cabin homes for sale. With everyone trying to make more green choices in their lives, Coventry Log Homes is a good company to choose for your log home package. All of “Coventry Log Homes” construction methods meet only the highest levels for building green codes and practices. Some of the green practices you will find with this passionate log home company include all of their log cabin packages for sale using all natural products that do not contain any harmful toxins. The company works with local loggers who manage the natural resources used in the cabin packages for sale responsibly. Coventry Log Homes also makes sure that they recycle all of the excess wood from their log home manufacturing. Coventry Log Homes helps the community by giving their wood shaving to local farmers, they also heat all of their log home manufacturing buildings at their factory with the log ends, along with giving residents free wood to heat their homes. **

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