Starting at $50,800 The Hanover Log House Has the Internet Buzzing with Excitement

The Hanover is a simple log home floor plan that has the bedrooms on either side of the open concept design which offers privacy. This log home plan has two bedrooms, a master bathroom with a walk-in closet and bathroom, an open kitchen/dining/living room and a covered porch. This log home floor plan is $79,800 for a six by eight complete package. The log house design is 1,344 square of living space with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. If you chose to build a basement foundation for this log homes floor, plan you would have additional space to be used as a rec room or for storage space and a possible extra bedroom.

When it comes to choosing log house designs, you will have the choice between handcrafted and a machine milled log homes to choose from. With handcrafted log house designs the logs used in this type of log home build still look like the natural looking log, with the only alteration being the removal of the outer bark of the log and part of the inner bark layer of the log. This natural feature makes handcrafted log home designs beautiful, with character and a unique quality in each log used, just like nature intended, and can be visible in the finished log house designs. Milled large log home floor plans and log house designs are just as beautiful with a look that uses logs that are similar in size and look. This is because the logs have all been altered by hand, machine or a combination of the two, then joined by custom hand fitting. Milled log house designs are still considered handcrafted log house designs. An example would be log homes that have hewn log walls, where the logs for the log cabin design have been flattened on the sides and then scribed or chinked together with interlocking notches. Milled log house designs are what you will find on the Coventry Log Homes site; the logs are mechanically profiled and then designed to be the same in dimension. The logs are not logs, but machine milled pieces of timber. Therefore handcrafted log cabin designs are much more labor intensive so that you will see this in the end price of the log house floor plan and kit. Whereas machine logs and milled logs are not as labor intensive, so you will save on prices. That is why knowing your budget is one of the first steps in the log home process. Most often the more simple the log house design, the lower the cost will be. With a log house that is a rectangular one-story log home design being the less expensive, as there are no corners in the overall design, so it is the most basic type of log cabin design you can build. You always want to do your research first.

The Hanover is just one of the log house designs that you will find on the Coventry Log Homes site. Coventry Log Homes has over 60 models of log home kits in five separate categories to include the Craftsman Series, the Tradesman Series, the Cabin and the Recreational Camp Series along with additions and garages. Coventry Log Homes manufactures log home kits home kits from a six by 8 and eight by eight log milled design to mimic the classic look of clapboard siding as well as regular log siding. When people are looking for log home kits and designs, they want to know that the log home company they are purchasing their log home kits from practices green and environmental building methods. **

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