A Rustic Lakefront Log Cabin In Lake Tahoe, California

This rustic lakefront cabin building located in Lake Tahoe, California and is sure to inspire. The original objective of this cabin building project was to add a garage, two bedrooms and a guest cabin building to the property. The cabin building project was also to change the character of the existing wood cabin from its 1960’s ranch style to one that would better suit its site and the owner’s tastes. The entire cabin building was remodelled, with the living room being the only room left relatively unchanged. The cabin design drew inspiration from classic Tahoe architectural design as well as the camps of the Adirondack Moutain area because the homeowner wanted the cabin building to feel as though it was a Tahoe cabin building that had been there for years. Cedar bark and slab blend in nicely with its natural location, and cedar logs were used for exterior columns. The former garage site was remodelled into a cozy bunk building for guests. This cabin building was featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Gentry Design Magazine, and February 2012 issue of Cabin Life Magazine.

When it comes to renovations going green is easier than you might think. With everything from smart skylights to rooftop gardens, there are several things you can do to make your home renovation or cabin building project more eco-friendly and save money in the process. One of the best things you can do is go local. If you are planning a cabin building renovation, try and select locally-made building materials wherever possible. This is something that will help to avoid the cost of transportation and will save the carbon emissions created during transport. This also helps to support local businesses.

Reuse what you already have. If you have any building material left over during the demolition process or from previous building projects, make sure not to discard it. Collect building materials that are already available. Whether you live in the city, suburbs or a rural area, collect rainwater instead of turning on the hose. Divert that rainwater for use on your garden or lawn if you’ll be seeding or sodding. Rainwater can also be used for any sort of mixing or cleaning during the renovation project itself.

Pick efficient lighting. Installing skylights are a renovation project will help to lower the need for electrical lighting. Consider smart skylights that will help with the ventilation in the cabin, because they have a sensor that will open the skylight automatically. A simple way to save money on your renovation project is to switch your old incandescent light bulbs to more energy-efficient options. Install solar panels as another way to help save money and make your cabin building more energy efficient. Upgrade to better windows, with energy-efficient windows being more widely available at your local home renovation store. New windows, will have a pricey upfront cost, but they will save you money in the long run. What’s more, installing new windows is a relatively easy way to save energy consumption in a house.