Keep Loved Ones Close As Possible In A Granny Pod

Having a family member live with you as they age is a very kind and helpful thing to do. Many people choose to make room for their loved ones in their home, but this can become a bit overwhelming for everyone. Since people need their privacy and some independence, a tiny house could come in handy for elderly family members that you are inviting to live under your care. If you already own your property and have enough space to build a granny pod or an accessory dwelling unit, that may be the best option for everyone. There are so many tiny houses being shown on TV in the shows about small house living.

There are also now hundreds of small house designs online thanks to the popularity of the tiny house movement. As always, check with your local building regulations to see what permits you may need to build your own tiny house on your property and factor that into your overall cost of building. Tiny houses built on foundations are considered accessory dwelling units, but tiny houses on wheels are still in more of a grey area when it comes to permitting. They still tend to be thought of as recreational vehicles which lumps them into the category of part-time dwellings. This means that people can usually only live in a tiny house on wheels for part of the year rather than full-time.

There are also restrictions and regulations on the minimum size of a home in most cities, and unfortunately, tiny houses on wheels don’t usually meet the criteria. Although, there are new laws that are coming into place that make it possible for tiny houses to be parked on a piece of land with a main house. So check into what the laws are in your area if you’re interested in building a tiny house on a trailer. There are also some great small house designs out there that can be built on foundations, and that could even be more livable for your family member. There are so many options that you can check out to see if they would work for your small house living plans. MEDCottage is one of the first companies that offered care to seniors by giving them a place of their own on a family member’s property. Now, these small house designs seem to be popping up all over, and they are used for more than just granny pods too. People even enjoy living in smaller homes to simplify their lives and to be able to afford the lifestyle they want. It’s also great for small families who are just starting out on their own.