A Small Cabin Built With Unique Logs

Feast your eyes on this beautiful log cabin located in north central Minnesota belonging to Matt & Mary Enderles. Their lovely cabin is right beside Lake Minnewawa in Minnesota. The couple was so excited to build their own log cabin in 2004, and now their friends all refer to it as the Hobbit house because of how charming it turned out to be. Also because of the beautifully crafted entrance way. It ended up being 900 square feet in total which is the perfect size for the couple who initially built the cabin to live in while they built a larger home. But plans changed when the recession hit, so they stuck to living in their smaller home. Matt is an artist who loves to collect unique wood pieces to use for art projects later on. He has also worked in the custom log building industry for over 35 years which gives him plenty of opportunities to collect the wood pieces. Now, he and Mary own Extreme Interiors International Log Home Builders. With the log treasures in mind, they added some character to their log cabin with one of the curvy logs he had been saving for a while. That is now the log that you see at the entrance way to their cabin, and the other posts are made from white cedar trees. The trees grow in this curved shape when porcupines knaw at them and then the trees continue to grow for years after. Loggers and builders don’t choose these pieces because they’re not the quality they’re looking for, but Matt sure had his eye on some of these pieces, so he takes them home whenever possible.

They made the log cabin smaller so that it’s easy to maintain and affordable to build, as well as affordable to heat. Inside the cabin, there is one bedroom and one bathroom. It also has all of the typical modern conveniences like an efficient furnace, in-floor heating, air conditioning, a full-size washer and dryer, an oven, a dishwasher, and a large fridge. The in-floor heating was probably their favourite addition to the log cabin since it’s always so nice to come into the home from the cold and feel the warmth beneath your feet. The couple has side by side patios near the cabin which were added later on after the cabin was already built. They also love to spend a lot of time outside wandering around the yard and sitting in the sun. The couple loves to host friends on their lakeside patio for drinks, campfires and marshmallow roasts. They also love to go out in their boat and to go fishing. The couple also enjoys seeing all of the wildlife on their property including squirrels, raccoons, deer, and even otters.

You’ll see many of Matts handcrafted creations throughout the cabin including the beautiful entertainment stand in the living room that he made from a cedar tree accented with diamond willow. The TV components sit inside the hollowed out tree, and the TV itself sits above the stand on the wall. He also made a unique king-size headboard and bed frame from white cedar, juniper and diamond willow trees. In the family room they have a 130-year-old log on display, and once again, it’s shaped like a slingshot thanks to the critters. Matt fit four windows into the log perfectly and installed the entire feature himself. Matts the kind of guy that if he doesn’t have a project, he’ll create one just for the fun of it and it’s certainly made for some wonderful additions to their log cabin that they call their home.