Cheeky Monkey Strawberry – A Yummy Tiny Home For Sale $ 54,900

With small home design, you may think that there are only so many ways to arrange the layout of a tiny house on wheels. The cheery Cheeky Monkey home called the Strawberry shows us yet another innovative tiny house design innovation that is different from the rest. So what makes this tiny house so unique? Unlike most tiny houses, this tiny house on wheels features a bathroom at the centre of the floor plan. While most tiny house bathrooms are situated either in the front or the back of the home, this one is smack dab in the middle with a loft space overhead.

Since the loft is smaller, it could be great for storage, and the bedroom is located on the main floor. You can see in the renderings of this small house design that the bedroom takes up one end of the tiny house while the kitchen and living room area occupy the other end with the bathroom separating them. Behind the bathroom, there also appears to be some storage space as well which could be perfect for hanging up clothing or storing outdoor gear.

The L-shaped kitchen leaves enough space to host a small sofa to the side, or it could also be used as a space to put a dining table. The home is 28 feet long which is why they were able to pack so much into the space. The renderings make it easier to visualize what the floor plan will look like when the home is completed, bringing life to the initial ideas.

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