This Lakeside Barn Style House Has The Coolest Shutter Design

A simple design and natural location make the Lakeside Villa an example in modern design. Located in the Zarasai region of Lituania, the barn style house is 1463 square feet in size. Nature and the surrounding landscapes were the inspiration for the architectural approach to this beautifully crafted home. The barn style house almost melts into the scenery, fitting in nicely to its picturesque surroundings, the form of the barn building seems to be right at home. The home design has a compact rectangular perimeter with a high pitched roof that is an inspiration simplistic design. The nice thing about this barn style house is in all its simplicity it does not give up on functionality or well-being.

The barn style house is a retreat from the city but doesn’t lack in all the comforts of home. When dealing with a cabin project of this nature, the details or maybe the lack of them is what gives this modern design its distinct character. A single detail such as a window blind makes the whole difference in this simplistic design. The shutter design when folded and secure when the home is empty gives the home a whole new look and feel while managing to protect the home while the owners are away.

When it comes to simple, clean design the adage, less good rings true. Simple home design isn’t just about taking away things from home design; the overall design should improve the overall homes effectiveness. It’s about taking away the non-essentials of design and returning it to a pure, simple state. The end goal shouldn’t necessarily be a completely white space. If something in the design is essential but makes the home design look inelegant, the designer should try and figure out how to make it work best for that particular home design.

Being neutral is another rule for simple, clean home design. That doesn’t mean that your home design should be completely devoid of personality, if accessibility is your end goal, your home design should provide an easy way to make sense of the layout. Scandinavian design is a good example of how to make clean, simple lines work. For Scandinavian design, you will often find a lot of whiteness, combined with modern and classic elements and the minimum amount of furniture. The main inspiration for Scandinavian style is the desire for the maximum utilization of natural light. In countries that have a long winter and only a little sunshine, the home design is the place where they will spend most of their time and its for this reason that they must be designed to be airy, warm and comfortable. The use of natural light in Scandinavian interiors is the main inspiration of this style.

Most Scandinavian home designs have natural building materials, natural tones, and minimal ornamentation. Inside you will often find white walls and flooring in all of the rooms except for the bathrooms. To attract more light into your space, you need to have different tones to include white, beige and gray. You will find a pallet of color tones that are based on all the shades of white, from pure white to beige in combination with natural and light wood.