Now This Is A Barn Home That Could Make You Want To Leave City Life For Good

All of a sudden, people are wild about barn-styled homes. There’s something so nostalgically beautiful and downright practical about living in a barn home design, especially one that is multi-purpose and multifunctional like the Rancho Milagro in Taos, New Mexico. The Rancho Milagro is a barn style house that has been converted into a gorgeous home away from home, but that’s not all it still doubles as a fully-functional barn, housing up to four horses. Yes, that’s right; it’s got a luxurious two-bedroom apartment up top and happy, pampered horses down below it’s the ideal house for anyone who loves the equestrian life. From the outside, this beautiful barn-ranchhouse is beautiful to behold. With its rustic, natural-looking wood, its gables on the roof, its spacious lower and upper decks, it’s stunning. Anyone would be happy just to linger here all day long, sitting on the lower deck, sipping sweet tea and enjoying all of the horse activities. There’s even a small paddock attached to the front end, where the donkey loves to hang out.

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