These Park Model Log Cabins Give You The Best Of Both Worlds

Log cabins and park models make the best vacation homes ever. While there are so many great manufacturers out there, Lancaster Log Cabins is one of the only log cabin builders that builds park model log cabins that are easy to transport and move to another location. It’s a lot like a tiny house on wheels except their log cabins have more space in them. Their Park Model Cabins are basically a real rustic log cabins on wheels. Each of the cabins is preassembled at their shop on a sturdy and heavy duty trailer frame then they are delivered to the customer totally turn-key. So even though these are real log cabins, they are still classified as Park Model RVs, so you get the best of a log cabin and an RV. Since they are one of the only companies in the world to make these real log cabin park models, it’s great to know they exist if you’re looking for something like this. They can make for great vacation cabins, rental units, retirement homes, guest houses, and in-law homes. Everything you will need in a cabin is included in the price, so when it’s finished and delivered to you, you’ll be able to step right in and use it to your heart’s content.

People love these log cabin park models since they have more character than regular park models too. They actually look like real log cabins because they are. They will also last longer than regular park models since these ones are made out of high-end materials. So they will be super durable and sturdy, yet they don’t require a ton of maintenance either. Since you can get an RV Loan, it will be easier to finance these park models as well. Plus you don’t need permits and will avoid property taxes, so you get the log cabin without all of the downsides to owning a log cabin. They are small, but they include bedrooms and bathrooms within them. The cabins feature a full bathroom right inside which is so much better than having to use an outhouse. The fully equipped kitchen makes it feel like home with regular appliances and lots of space to make great meals. There’s also a great living room space which could even hold a pull out sofa for more sleeping space. The cabins start at around $26,000 US, and you can customize the design to suit your style and needs.

The largest cabin on a trailer they offer is their 13 foot by 30-foot log cabin with a 10-foot porch and a full loft area. That one would cost around $50,900 to start. That one can sleep up to 8 people if you make use of the space well and get bunk beds and pull out sofas to utilize when the largest cabin is only $50,000 that will save you a lot of money getting a cute log cabin. So these small log cabins are quite affordable and practical for any use. One of their log cabins on a trailer would be great for those who don’t have a piece of land yet, or who have just purchased a piece of land and need something affordable to place on it. Make sure you have a look through all of the great small log cabins on their website. You can also contact the company with any questions you may have about their wood cabins and how you can start your own project with them. Would you enjoy having a log cabin park model like these ones? Which model is your absolute favorite?