17 Do it Yourself Tiny Houses with Free or Low Cost Plans

Dreaming of living in your very own tiny house? If so, you might be thinking about placing a call to your local architect. But you might also be daunted by some of the price estimates you see out there—and rightly so. A tiny house shouldn’t break the bank, but a lot of ready-made tiny houses cost in excess of $40,000.

17 Do it Yourself Tiny Houses with Free or Low Cost PlansIf you are on a tiny budget for your tiny house, why not build it yourself? You might feel daunted by that too, but if you look around the web, you will find that a lot of people are doing their own construction work these days.

These are for the most part ordinary people just like you, who woke up one day and realized that they could make their tiny house dreams come true if they just did a little research and planning.

Speaking of planning, along with the construction, that might be the other part of the equation which you are concerned about. If you are not an architect or an engineer, how can you be sure you are coming up with a livable tiny house plan with the structural integrity to hold over the years to come?