The Writers Haven Is An Inspirational Backyard Workshop

Wouldn’t it be so nice to have your very own space where you can just shut out the world and focus solely on your creative process? The Writers Cottage from Jamaica’s Cottage Shop might be the perfect space for you. We all need a place to be alone with our thoughts, and this tiny house is the best sanctuary. The cottage includes beautiful features like the translucent roofing and plenty of windows to let the natural light stream in. This would be the most heavenly place to relaxing on a Sunday reading, writing, painting, making music or anything else you’re into. Plus, the tiny house even has a day bed so you can take a nap whenever you like. The desk gives you a nice place to set up your computer or your paper and pen, maybe even a small easel. From the exterior, the cottage looks different and special, with the peaks in the roofline and the great awning stretched out over the porch. Inside, you can see the intricacies of the roof at play in the building itself with all of the beams and wood exposed in the high ceiling. The design is made to suit the owner, and so there are different aspects to each design and no two designs are the same. Most of the designs feature stained glass windows in them, which adds to the charm and character, but they also have opening windows to allow air into the tiny house.

They used post and beam building methods in the traditional way to create a sturdy but charming place that looks like it’s from the old days in England. The options for this Writers Cottage are endless. Add a bed and make it into a tiny guesthouse with a kitchenette equipped with a mini-fridge and small stove top to make it more comfortable. Or with the built-in desk, it could also make for a nice little home office to work out of daily. Customers can get the Writers Haven in three different choices – they can buy it as a plan which means you’d have to buy the materials yourself, or as a DIY kit where all of the pieces are pre-cut and ready to be assembled, or as a fully assembled tiny house. With the fully assembled house, they would deliver anywhere in the continental United States or Eastern Canada. Or, to save some money, people can also pick up the kit at their factory in Vermont. They also offer to finance with low monthly payments.

If you get a precut kit, the materials will be precut and colour coded, as well as numbered and stacked in order to make it easier to assemble. This makes it really easy for even beginner builders to assemble the kit and it can be easily built by a couple of people in just a few days. Customers can then stain or paint their tiny house as they like on the outside or on the inside. Plus, they can also choose the color of siding they want as well. Since everything in the tiny house is wood too, the inside could also be painted or stained as well. Plus, they can be insulated so that they work for three seasons or all four seasons so depending on where you live, the cabin would be prepared for colder weather. The company also has mobile options for small house living too, so check out their tiny houses on wheels as well. These tiny house kits come at a great price, starting at around $5,000 but there are plenty of add-ons to choose from to make it more livable.