Is This The Perfect 500 Sqft Log Cabin Of Your Dreams ?

Could the Huckleberry Cabin be the perfect cabin for you? You can stay in this sweet cabin in Enumclaw, Washington starting at just $158 USD per night. It would be a nicegreat alternative to staying in a hotel if you’re visiting the area, and it’s also a great way to check out different cabin designs if you’re considering building a log cabin of your own someday. Planning is one of the most crucial aspects of any building projects, so it’s no different when you’re building a log cabin. To begin your building process, start by exploring the idea of building a log cabin. Stay in different wood cabins like this one in Washington and see if it suits your style and preferences. You’ll also want to consider if it suits your needs. So if you have a larger family, you may not want to go with tiny cabin designs but larger cabin designs or log house designs. Choose a one or two bedroom design for a smaller family of three or four, or get into three or four bedrooms for a very comfortable cabin for larger groups of people. This particular cabin is 500 square feet and would be ideal for four people maximum.

The renter that rents out this cabin also has other cabins available through VRBO too for larger groups of people. The cabin is right on Greenwater River with views of Huckleberry Mountain. There’s one bedroom with a queen bed, and then for more guests, there is also a queen sofa bed in the living room. You can see in the photos just how cozy, and comfortable the space is. It may look pretty small from the outside, but there’s actually a lot of space on the inside of this cabin. When it comes to tiny cabin designs, it’s all about how you plan out your space inside the cabin. In this cabin, the living room is right at the front end followed by the kitchen which is open to the living room. They are able to fit a large leather sofa in the living room as well as an ottoman and two small end tables. In the bedroom, there is a comfortable queen bed with a bed frame made out of logs for a touch of rustic and natural decor. The kitchen features a full sized gas stove and oven as well as a microwave for heating and cooking food. There is also a full sized fridge to store food in too.

In the living room, there is a flat screen TV to enjoy watching movies and TV on too. So this small wood cabin proves that you don’t have to go totally rustic when you have a vacation cabin. You can bring all of the comforts of home into your cabin to make it the best it can be for you and your family. They also provide beach chairs for you to take to the beach and some yard games as well. They also have a separate small building with an incredible Jacuzzi that has cool lighting and a built-in sound system. Also in the backyard, there is a firepit where you can enjoy a bonfire and relaxation under the stars with your family. If you wanted a hot tub for your own wood cabin, you could also have it on the deck, so you don’t have to walk too far to reach it. Make sure you look through all of the photos of this tiny cabin and see what you think of it. Maybe it can be an inspiration for creating your very own wood or log cabin.