The Oak Ridge Cabin In Oklahoma Is Bigger Than You Think

he Oak Ridge wood cabin, located in Southeast Oklahoma, is the perfect destination to get away and relax. The wood cabin rental is situated in a beautiful location where you can observe nature all around you. The Oak Ridge cabin building has a kitchen that is made complete with beautiful, and newly installed granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. In the bedroom, there is a grand king size bed with a pillow topped mattress. The bedroom also has a luxurious oversized Jacuzzi. When the weather allows, you can cozy up on the sofa next to the gas fireplace and relax with loved ones. In each of the wood cabin rooms, you will find a bear theme, which gives this cabin building even more character. After experiencing

The Oak Ridge wood cabin, you’ll discover it provides much more than the bare necessities. The Oak Ridge Cabin rental is located near the Sweet Escape, Aspen Lodge and the Branded Memories.Heartpine Hollow Cabins is a small family-owned company located in the Heart of Southeast Oklahoma’s Beavers Bend area. The wood cabins are located within minutes of Broken Bow Lake, Beavers Bend Resort Park, the Cedar Creek Gold Course and the Mountain Fork River. You’ll want to take a peek at their selection of beautiful wood cabins and consider a vacation to this part of the country.

Log houses and wood cabins have a long history. Some might argue that log houses came from Britain settlers, while others will say the cabin buildings came from Germany. Regardless of where log houses got their origins, these durable dwellings served many purposes from shelter from the elements to log homes where people lived. Settlers in different parts of America, to include Tennesee, Kentucky and New York, learned all about building log houses. It was in these areas that there were thick forests that made them the perfect locations for log house construction and wood cabins to the backwoodsman. In the early stages of American cabin buildings, you would find a wood cabin as a stack of tree trunks that were put on top of one another with interlocking notches. There are other cabin buildings that were put together by nailing the edges. Log houses had sturdy foundations where the walls of the stacked tree trunks were placed. These simple foundations helped to keep the logs from the wet soil and served as storage or as basements that were later constructed. There were also wood cabins that had earth floors that did not require any foundation.

It was in the early 17th century, the construction of wood cabins and log houses became quite popular. Log houses that had one or more rooms became the typical home for most American pioneers during this era. It was at this time that you would also find wood cabin buildings used as outbuildings. Private cabin building would be treated with wood chips in between the log spaces, along with flat stones embedded in clay and placed between the log spaces for insulation.