Take A Peek Inside This Affordable And Cute Wood Cabin Kit

This charming small log cabin kit includes everything needed to build a cabin. Once built, the cabin has a covered front entrance, double doors, wood throughout and a simple floor plan that can be used for a variety of purposes. You might opt to use a log cabin like this for the perfect summertime vacation getaway, or maybe a backyard office is something you’ve been dreaming about the sky’s the limit. Log cabins are a timeless, practical and economical type of housing that has been built for centuries. This great small log cabins designs is known as the Colorado, and it is 160 square feet in size, not too big and not too small. It’s the perfect size to accommodate your lifestyle and needs at a price that is affordable. This log house would be a great addition to any backyard or piece of property as a starter home to live in while building a larger home, or as a guest cabin or bed and breakfast.

These Colorado log cabin kits would be the perfect size to fit into any larger backyard, and the small log home kits make it easy to assemble and be ready for whatever use you would have in mind. You can either build your log home kit yourself or hire someone to do it for you. In the Colorado log home kit, there are double doors on the front of the cabin, which provides extra doorway space for moving furniture in and out. The double patio doors also open up the log cabin kit to the outdoors, which is nice, along with the two windows that open up as well. As you can see in the photos, there is plenty of room for a nice sized sofa, or chair or a desk and other furniture. Logs make for a great building material, natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Logs act natural insulators and can help to repel moisture and keep out the cold during the winter months. Homes that are built with logs and timber stand for decades if they are properly taken care of and log homes never need to be repainted, which is a plus because painting can be so expensive and time-consuming. These log home kits are also a very sustainable way of building. At around $4,500 these small log cabins are certainly not the most expensive little shelter that you will find on the market either. There is so much to love about these small log cabins and home kits; it’s easy to think of potential uses for these quality little log cabin designs.

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