Tour This Beautifully Rustic And Elegant Log House

This rustic log home is just one of the log houses you will find from Kevin Teague Homes. This log house is beautifully crafted inside and out. There is something about a log cabin building that people can’t resist, the use of wood and natural building materials that are always well suited to their natural environment. This log house doesn’t disappoint with its stunning outdoor decks, one on the lower level with a cathedral ceiling and tons of space for entertaining a good sized group of family and friends. Reclaimed wood has been used throughout to include the kitchen cabinets, the surround around the bathtub, bathroom cabinets, and details around the log home. The mix of wood and stone throughout this log house build is the perfect complement to its stunning mountain location. You’ll especially love the use of wooden barrels throughout the home for use in countertops, bathroom feature and lighting to name a few.

The combination of logs, timber and reclaimed sources makes for the perfect log house retreat. These days using reclaimed wood is more popular than ever with a variety of reclaimed sources. A lot of reclaimed wood is starting to appear as high-end furniture art pieces that are catered to the Eco-conscious, ultra-wealthy. Fortunately, because of its popularity, reclaimed wood is becoming more mainstream and is available at a range of prices. There are many sources of reclaimed wood which includes the remainder of old wood from storm-damaged trees, old barns, public buildings, retired mills, crates, flooring, furniture and fencing. Other sources of reclaimed wood include gymnasiums, ships, pallets, bowling alleys, amusement parks and more. Reclaimed wood is wood that has a past, and part of the fun is knowing where the wood came from in its former life. As reclaimed wood becomes more and more available, choosing it over other sources of wood is a big win for the environment.

Some of the reasons it is good to seek out reclaimed wood sources include saving energy as it takes less energy to refurbish than to cut and transport new logs, reduces virgin timber harvesting with reclaimed wood being stronger than virgin wood and eliminates pollution caused from landfill burning. Reclaimed wood reduces the fossil fuel used. Reclaimed wood will bring loads of character to any log home. Reclaimed wood comes with an embedded history and doesn’t conform to a perfect design.

Reclaimed wood has natural aged coloring, indentations, and other scars of wear and tear which gives it great visual individuality that your family and friends will love. Plus, reclaimed wood is often a wood such as cherry or oak that can easily be treated with stain and paint without damage, easily holding its unique appearance. Supporting reclaimed wood puts into motion an awareness and opens up the possibility of reclaiming other building materials. Reclaimed wood will give your log house plenty of character, and it is well worth the investment both aesthetically and for the environment. Reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly option that, if used more often, could help to improve the dwindling natural resources of the planet’s tree population.