The Meadows Log Cabin Floor Plan Offers Plenty Of Space

The Meadows is one of the log cabin kits you will find from Coventry Log Homes. With 1,232 square feet of space, this log home kit has plenty of space for a comfortable stay and an open floor plan perfect for entertaining. The Meadows pricing starts at $40,450 for the precut log package, which is an affordable option for your log cabin needs. This log cabin kit model is modified from the Hanover Craftsman Series with a practical floor plan that makes it more affordable. The Meadows log home kit has 1,232 square feet of living space with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the first floor of the log cabin design, there are two bedrooms, an open living area, a master bedroom with a large closet, bathroom and a covered porch. The open concept living space has a cathedral ceiling which opens up the room. Pricing for the complete log house package starts at $83,500. This is a great size of log home to use for a vacation log home design or full-time living.

The covered porch on the Meadows log house not only provides a place to relax outdoors, but it extends the interior of the wood cabin outdoors. A covered patio on a log house can be used all year long and provides the perfect place to spend time with friends, entertain, or even read a book. A covered patio is one of the most popular must-haves when it comes to wood cabin living, and it’s easy to see why.

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Knowing your log house budget is a good starting point when considering a log house for you and your family. You want to think about things like the great room in your log house and the extras that you might want in your log house design. The good thing about a log house is you can add things as you go along. You might not be able to afford everything all at once in the beginning, but you can always add that double or single car garage later if you choose. You can keep log house costs down by trimming luxuries, reducing the size of the log house, and keeping things simple. You can also get more log house design for the money by doing some of the log house projects yourself. If you’ve always dreamed of having a stone fireplace, you can save some money by doing it yourself. You can keep within your log house budget by keeping to the basics and remembering that you don’t need to get everything done all at once. You might opt to add extras like custom log house furniture, custom floors and expensive appliances in the future of your log house.

The Meadows log house is just one of the log house kits you will find on the Coventry Log Homes site. The Meadows log house kit comes from the Tradesman Series of log home kits. The Tradesman Series of log home kits is just one of four series of log house kits available from Coventry Log Homes. The Tradesman Series of log house kits are classic wood cabin designs that have a look that everyone dreams about at affordable log house prices. The other three series of log houses with this family-run log house company include the Craftsman Series of wood cabin kits, the Cabin Series and the Timber Frame Series of wood cabin kits. With so many log houses and wood cabin kits for sale and to choose from, there is sure to be a log house or wood cabin package to suit most any budget, need, and lifestyle.

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