30×40 Metal Building Home – The interior is so Cozy

This is one of the residential-purposed metal buildings being made by Morton these days. It caught our attention, so we thought we’d share it. The exterior of this metal house is so simple, yet they’ve managed to make the interior look pretty cozy, wouldn’t you say?

There are just a few details available for this house. You can use the project number to talk to the builders about this house as a starting point. However, we’ve also added some of their other similar residential homes. The idea here is that you’re going to have to talk to the builders anyway, but you can get an idea of what metal homes are options by looking at what has already been built. You can use that as a base for thinking about metal homes as an option, and go and take a look around at what’s out there.Some more information about this metal building:

Stats: 30’W x 11’H x 40’L, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, more details in the floor plan.

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Majestic Little Metal Building Home with Cosy Interior
Majestic Little Metal Building Home with Cosy Interior