$25,000 Amazing Log House Proves That Not All Luxurious Home Are Pricey

This hot selling two story living wooden house comes with the great prices of $140 – $350 US per square meter. For an affordable price you can purchase this great prefab log home kit and have a house of your own in a short period of time. When it comes to log house construction. there are different ways to build the log house of your dreams. First off, you can do it the conventional way which is to hire a handcrafted log home building company who will design and build your house from scratch. These log homes are usually geared toward people who want a very specific look, and they want the high quality craftsmanship that comes with the higher price tag. These homes are beautiful, and usually very large, although there are also some mid sized and even small log house designs. A company who builds handcrafted log houses usually takes up to a year, and sometimes more to build the custom log house. The contractors are subject to the weather and sometimes have to go days without building because of unfavourable conditions which can end up taking the build a lot longer to manifest. But one things is for sure, your handcrafted, customized log house will look like no other log house out there.

For people who don’t mind something a little bit more generic that they can make their own by decorating and landscaping, these log home kits are the perfect option. The kits take less time to build overall because all of the materials are prefabricated in the company’s factory. The pieces are all labeled according to where they go and how they are supposed to fit together as well, so assembly can happen quite smoothly. Usually the company will completely preassemble the log home kit before packaging it up and shipping it out so you can be sure that all of the pieces fit together perfectly. Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company uses the best quality Russian Pine wood for these prefab kits and they also have quite reasonable prices. When you are purchasing a log home kit, you want good quality wood which can be expensive because it is in such high demand. But it is worth it to pay for the high quality wood rather than getting too good of a deal for something that is subpar. All of the kits can be shipped all over the world. They ship the prefab log house kit right to the building site to be built, making it very convineint for the customer. These log home kits are so affordable as well as easy to assemble and can usually be done by one or two people.

Choosing the type of floor plan that is the most appropriate for your needs is one of the steps that you might spend the most time on. Always remember to take your time when planning out your home’s floor plan and make sure that you include all of the necessities for your family’s house. Most people start out with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they will need in their log house. For example, a family of three could live comfortably with one bathroom and two or three bedrooms, but a larger family of four or five members may need at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Have a look at all of the lovely models from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company on the Alibaba website. Keep a checklist of your likes and dislikes and needs with you as you look at them to help you narrow down the results. There is truly something for everyone.***