A Truly Quaint And Charming Historic Cottage That’s Almost 100 Years Old

Tucked away on a quiet, shady street, this tiny cottage is a dream vacation location. Here is a darling tiny cottage that’s almost 100 years old. The charming cottage home is known as the Dollhouse by all of the residents of the town where it is located in Plymouth, New Hampshire. As you can see, the name definitely suits the charming home that was built in 1920 making it almost 100 years old. It’s like a life-sized dollhouse. The photos of this rustic tiny homes design could even have you fooled that it is a dollhouse if you didn’t know that it was a full-sized cottage. Surprisingly, there is plenty of room in this cottage especially when you compare it to other tiny house designs that can be as small as 100 square feet. This little cottage is about the size of an apartment or a small townhouse which is more than enough room for a vacation rental since a hotel room is even smaller than that anyway.

Also in the small cottage, there are two bedrooms and one bathroom. One bedroom has a double bed, and another bedroom that has two single beds. Each of the bedrooms in this cottage kept with the original style of the home and was decorated to be similar to the original decor, and they have tried to restore it as much as possible. The kitchen has everything you need and more with a stove, a refrigerator, and all of the utensils, cookware and dishes you need to make lovely meals during a stay. There is also a beautiful little porch area with chairs, even a swing, and a rocking chair to sit and enjoy the fresh air. Could this home get any cuter?

The property that surrounds the home has gorgeous tall trees that would make it feel even more lovely, having all the birds chirping around you throughout the day, and possibly crickets chirping at night. It would be a great place for a summer or winter vacation since they rent it out all year round. Staying in a smaller cottage or home like this could give you some insight into what small house living is all about which would be great if you’re considering building or buying a tiny house of your own.

Many older homes like this one are getting renovations and facelifts, which is a nice thing to see happening. With all of the new home builds going up all the time, its great to see that there are still some older homes that are left standing and that people take care of and respect the classics that they are. They are not just homes but pieces of history that are well worth the time and effort it takes to keep them alive and well. It is nice to see smaller homes that have some history to them with designs that are unique and full of character. The Dollhouse is available to rent on Airbnb if you’re interested in having a dreamy vacation in a sweet cottage.

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