The Doe Run Is a Modern Log Home That Offers Rustic Charm and Beauty

The Doe Run is a contemporary log home that bestows rustic charm and beauty upon all who live there, not to mention all who visit. If it’s your dream to build your own log home or to, at least, move into one, perhaps this log cabin floor plan will inspire you with a few new ideas to look for. Blending modern-day necessities with traditional log cabin features, the Doe Run includes three bedrooms and two fully-equipped bathrooms. There’s ample space for the entire family, and perhaps even a bit more for guests – because, if you owned a gorgeous log home like this one, you’d surely want to entertain from time to time – right?

In keeping with classic log cabin designs, the Doe Run includes a large great room on the first floor, where all of the family can gather around the fireplace. The great room includes a spacious living room area as well as a dedicated dining room area and kitchen space. Also downstairs, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom, a walk-in closet, and a utility room where you can keep your washer and dryer. On the first floor, you’ll also find a quaint front porch area where you can enjoy the outdoors; it’s divinely covered, so you will never get too hot, too cold, or too wet when you hang out here. Upstairs on the second floor, you’ll find the traditional log cabin loft area, which overlooks the great room underneath – there’s always such a sense of spaciousness and grandeur when homes are built like this, like you have all the room in the world. You’ll also find the master bedroom and second bathroom as well as another handy walk-in closet. With plenty of windows to let in the warm sunlight, this is a sweet home that will shine bright in every season.

With all of this in mind, however, have you ever really considered a DIY log cabin project? When building a log cabin of your own, you don’t have to break the bank. Nor does it have to be the most difficult task in the world – especially if you do all of the required research first. Your confidence will grow with every step; that’s why you might want to start small, and build on to your home as the years go by. There’s a tendency with North Americans to overestimate the space they actually need. We love to dream big! But when you really ponder it, we don’t actually need a lot. As long as everyone has a room of their own, and there are at least one full bath and a kitchen in the house, what more could you really ask for? Another big mistake we often make is to hurry a home-building project through from start to finish. Take a moment to query yourself: what’s the hurry? The job will get done, one way or another, bit by bit. In the meantime, you can spend time sourcing the best, least expensive logs, stocking up on the appropriate tools, and tweaking your floor plans until they feel just right

The Doe Run log cabin home comes from the good folks over at the My Woodhome website, where you can find plenty of similar log home floor plans, as well as simpler models and even more elaborate ones. It’s a good idea to check out as many different kinds of log cabins as you can before starting your own do-it-yourself project, just to get solid on what you really want in a log home. At the My Woodhome website, you’ll also find helpful information on how to plan, budget, furnish, and maintain your log cabin dream home.*

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