$61,500 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Homestead with Garage Log Home

Looking for log home kits is exciting, the $109,150 Homestead is a spacious home with a must see floor plan that can be purchased from Coventry Log Homes. Whether you’re new to log home kits and prefab housing or know a lot about them, you can always benefit from learning more information. For the first timer, searching for that perfect log house model, although it can be exciting, can also be a bit stressful too, especially if you have no idea what you want or what to look for. There are hundreds of log home building companies and prefab kit suppliers out there, so there are thousands of log home floor plans available to choose from. It’s great that there is such a variety of floor plans to choose from, but this can also be daunting at first too. People looking for their dream home should start out by considering exactly what they want in a home, starting with how many bedrooms and bathrooms, and what size they would like. Budget is also something that should be considered at the very beginning of the process, as it will also determine what size and style of log house is chosen.

Of course, as you can already imagine, the larger you go, and the more rooms within the house, the more expensive the log home kits will be. This makes sense because there will be more materials needed to create the house. If someone is on a really tight budget, but still wants to build a log house, it would be wise to consider building the smallest they can see being practical for them and their family to live in. The wonderful thing about Coventry Log Homes is that they have tons of great log home floor plans and models to suit every need and budget. Their Handcrafted log houses and the Timber Frame houses are probably their more expensive options. But, they do have the Tradesman option, as well as the Cabins and Recreational floor plans that are a bit less in cost. The Homestead house is in the Tradesman series, and looks like it would be the perfect home for any family. With three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, this house has more than enough space to accommodate a small family to a four or five person family. The two smaller bedrooms are located upstairs, with the master bedroom on the main floor keeping some privacy.\

One of the key features of this log house is the attached garage and workshop space that would be great for someone with a home business or hobby that needs some extra space. The exterior looks warm and inviting, with the farmer’s style porch that wraps around the home. The dormers added on top give plenty of space for the upstairs bedrooms. Inside the home is very comfortable and cozy, with a nice kitchen area, dining area and a open ceiling living room. The interiors of the log houses from Coventry Log Homes are usually all done with Tongue in Groove wall panelling which really warms up the space, and would smell amazing too. For the price of $109,150 you can get the complete package which includes everything needed to build the home. All of the pieces are labeled to fit together perfectly when you assemble it, so there is no hassle. In fact, it would be quite a cool project to build your very own log house one day. Have a look at the Homestead log house and other log home floor plans on the Coventry Log Homes website and see which are your favourite plans.***

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