People Love this $35,400 Ascutney Log House Read our Review

The Ascutney log home kit is a 1,140 square foot log home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a nice size for a vacation home or full-time living. The complete six by eight package is priced at $68,900 for this nice floor plan. There is a large windowed shed dormer that creates more space in the loft and adds appeal. On the main floor of this log home kits are a covered porch and an open deck for spending time outdoors, two bedrooms, and an open living room/kitchen space. On the second floor, there is a master bedroom and a space that opens to below. The open concept design for this log home kit from the Tradesman Series is a classic log home design at an affordable price. You will want to take a look at the interactive home tour where you can get a closer look at this log home kit and design.

When you look inside this stunning log cabin, you could easily imagine decorating with some of your ideas. Log furniture and log decor can make the interior and exterior of a log home feel extra cozy. Log furniture is the type of wood furniture that uses whole logs and branches in its design. Log furniture is usually very strong and long lasting, dependant on the construction methods used. Rustic wood and log furniture, along with other types of rustic furniture and reclaimed wooden furniture has increased in popularity over the years. Because of this, you will find a wide variety of styles of log furniture designs and decor to choose from for people wanting to furnish their log home kits and designs, mountain log cabins, and homes, country log houses or log cabins. You will also find less inexpensive lines of log furniture that are usually milled by machine and then massed produced. This kind of log furniture will not be as durable as log furniture that is custom made by artisans and craftspeople. For people who want unique styles of log furniture designs, they will most likely have to pay more for expensive collections of handcrafted one of a kind log furniture. Rustic wood furniture designs used to decorate your log house kit, or log cabin is a great way to add some texture and character to your home. You can also combine rustic wood furniture with modern pieces of furniture for a layered look that works.

The Ascutney is just one of the log home kits for sale on the Coventry Log Home site. Coventry Log Homes is an environmentally friendly log home company that recycles all the leftover and excess wood that is left behind in their log home kits manufacturing. Coventry Log Homes uses the leftover wood shavings to give to local farmers after making their log homes. Coventry Log Homes also heat all of their log home factory buildings with the log ends from the manufacturing process. The company gives local residents free wood to help heat their homes. Wood and log cabin kits help to lessen the amount greenhouse gasses in the air while also helping to store carbons. A healthy living forest is a sustainable and readily available solution to climate change. On average, an acre of healthy growing trees can absorb almost three tons of carbon dioxide and releases approximately two tons of oxygen. Living in a log home kit that is built from the natural building material of wood is also better for your health, as long as the wood is not treated with anything toxic. A log home kit is a good way to help both the environment and you live a more green lifestyle. **

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