Take a Virtual Tour of this $125,000 Pre-Cut Shell Log House Package

If you like log house designs, you will want to take a look at the Athens log home as featured in the September 2008 issue of Log Home Illustrated. This beautiful log home plan and design has all the details you would expect from a log home with unique finishes and furnishing along with the way. The Athens log cabin design is priced at $209,350 for the complete six by eight package. The beautiful log home design has 2,640 square feet of living space with two bedrooms, two and a half baths, open concept, cathedral ceiling and an upstairs loft.

The logs used for the log house designs with Coventry Log Homes come from the best kiln-dried Northeastern White Pine logs. The trees for these quality pine logs are located within an 80-mile radius of their manufacturing factory. By using quality, trees, you know that you are getting a better product. On top of the best pine logs, they make sure the logs are dry and stable. Coventry Log Homes is one of the very few companies that certify the moisture of their log loads. Dry logs mean less splitting and damage when building. Pine logs are a durable and long lasting wood that is excellent for log home building because the pine does not twist or crack as easily as some of the varieties of trees like spruce trees. When it comes to building log homes plans and designs, there are several varieties of logs to use. Some of these logs include pine, fir, cedar, spruce, larch or any wood that is a straight log. Of course, some wood varieties will cost more than others. With cedar being one of the most expensive woods you will find because of supply and demand. This also has to do with the bug resistance of the wood, making it huge value in the making of cedar products like outdoor decks, hydro poles, and other wood products. If you are trying to save money on the price of your log house design, you will find that cedar log homes will cost you the most. While cedar is the most expensive, pine is the cheapest. Pine is more reasonably priced log to use for log house designs and durable wood that is excellent for building because it does not crack or twist as easily as some varieties of spruce. Pine is also very appealing and has lots of character, which makes it great for the popular rustic look of log cabin designs. People like wood that has lots of character in their log house designs because of the warmth it adds and the connection to the earth. Pine is also a good log choice as it will cost you less to ship, as pine is lighter than fir.

This log home plan and design comes from the Craftsman Series and is the most popular log home package with Coventry Log Homes because it gives you all the building materials needed to build your new log home design. The log home kit supplies all of the building materials you will need to complete your log cabin design, saving you time and money in the overall log home price. The complete package includes the sub-floor, the pre-cut log walls, all the windows, doors, the complete roof system, the interior framing, and all of the tongue and groove pine to finish. Also included in the complete log home package are the interior doors, locksets, all of the hardware, loft system, and more. All of the log house designs building materials from Coventry Log Homes are delivered to your building site in one easy shipment. **

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