A Great Little Mortgage Helper The Small House That Homeowners Especially Love

Laneway houses are a small house concept that has been picking up steam in recent years in Vancouver, British Columbia. This beautiful tiny house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms which makes it great for a single person or a couple to live in. It’s 670 square feet which is just about the same size as a regular small apartment, but it gives people the chance to live in a home instead. The laneway home is located in Vancouver, British Columbia where there is definitely a need for more housing which is why laneway housing is such a great option for housing and development in the city.

This particular laneway home design was designed by the Smallworks Studios who design a lot of smaller homes and laneway houses to help make use of land in the city. This small house design is a great mortgage helper that was built to be rented out and was able to be rented out within one week after being approved for occupancy. This goes to show how in demand housing is in a large city like Vancouver and how homeowners can make the best of their property by adding a rental unit onto it.

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This lovely little laneway house has lots of modern finishes in both the kitchen and the two bathrooms. The kitchen has lots of kitchen cabinets, so there is plenty of room to store all your kitchen supplies. The modern appliances in the kitchen also add to the appeal of the tiny house. There are many beautiful touches throughout the home from the built-in wall niches used for storage to the colourful tile work that adds a punch of colour to the home.

The use of white throughout this small house design makes this small space feel much larger than it is while offering a feeling of natural light and openness. It’s such a great example of what you can do with a small amount of space.

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Laneway houses are just one of the options you have when it comes to tiny houses. A laneway house is beneficial for places such as Vancouver that have a low vacancy rate which is why a laneway house added to your primary home is a very attractive financial investment.

The rental income you can get from a laneway house helps to produce cash flow for its homeowners which can go toward paying off the mortgage on the home or be a source of additional income. The rental return that you can get from your laneway house will also outweigh the cost of adding a laneway house to the back of your house.

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Smallworks Studio has completed plenty of lanes house designs and tiny house buildings. The company strives to contribute to the laneway culture by designing small homes that have character and originality all within the location of the laneway. They hope to encourage outward living by bringing a lane community to life. These laneway small house designs are becoming more and more popular and changing the landscape of cities like Vancouver, B.C. as the tiny house buildings build a sense of security and community along a lane.

This tiny house company is passionate about what they do, and they know how to make the most of a tiny house space. Using the natural light source coming into the small house by optimizing window location to create a dynamic play of light throughout the home. It also provides plenty of light which means lower energy usage during the daylight hours. It’s things like this that add up to make a great tiny house design.

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