Sturdy. Solid. Breathtaking. Monstrous. Affordable. (This Log Cabin Makes Me Drool!)

Log homes are some of the most beautiful types of homes in the world, and this Ascutney log home model from Coventry Log Homes is absolutely no exception. Set proudly on the side of a hill, this log home would be the perfect place for a family to call home. The Ascutney log home is one of the many log home models that Coventry Log Homes offers. This particular home is in Coventry Log Homes Tradesman Series of log homes and is a modification of one of their popular log home models called the Swiftwater log home. The other categories of log home models are the Craftsman Series, the Cabin Series, the Recreational Series and the Timber Frame Series. The Craftsman Series log homes are the most prestigious, these are the log homes that will be tailored to your every need, hand crafted to unique specifications. The Tradesman Series is a series of log homes that are wonderful for a first home or a retirement home. The Cabin Series log cabins are perfect for that getaway that will be used every once in a while and the Recreational Series are the smaller cabin option for people who just want a nice little log cabin in the woods. Last but not least, the Timber Frame Series of log homes are made with post and beam construction with Structurally Insulated Panels. So as you can see, there are a lot of options to choose from when you go with a log home or cabin from Coventry Log Homes.

The Ascutney is gorgeous, and any home owner would be proud to call this log home their home. The way the logs were amazingly crafted and constructed to create such a beautiful structure. The size of this log home is impressive, with the high roof peaks, and amazing porches and patios. You can see that this particular build of the Ascutney log home has been build on a slanted landscape and it has a cement poured foundation that is a usable basement. So this is always an option when building a log home, just like any home build, you can decide to have a basement that the log structure will be built upon, or to just build on a concrete slab, which is basically just a flat piece of concrete on top of the ground. Building a log home on a slant like this one is gives the home amazing views from all of the windows and the patio areas. When building a log cabin in nature, people want access to the beautiful views around them of course, so this is a great way to obtain that.

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This particular log home model includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms in total in 1, 140 square feet of space. You might not think that that is a lot of space, but the way the floor plan has been planned out so well, the floor plan is very open and spacious. There are two stories in the log home which also makes it a little bit more spacious, as well as the high vaulted ceilings and especially if it is built with a basement like this one. The living room shares space with the kitchen and dining area, making the whole main floor of the home flow effortlessly. The stunning stone built fireplace is the focal point of the living room and the main floor, and would also work in providing heat for the entire home. The logs themselves also assist in keeping the home warm during the colder months, this is because logs have a high thermal mass, meaning that they actually have their own insulation properties that are naturally a part of the tree trunk as it grows! Make sure you check out all of the great photos of this Ascutney log home!

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