Stunning Country Barn Home Kit with Open Porch

This gorgeous deep red barn home is simply stunning inside and out. On the outside, I love the old-fashioned style and shape of the home. The style will definitely take you back to the old times when everyone’s home was similar to this lovely and sturdy house. The living area is spacious and with three bedrooms, a family of 3-5 could be truly comfortable.

The wood inside this home is beautiful and adds a true feeling of comfort and homey living. Though the house is quite large, it is still cozy and serene. The porch is amazing, and what a great draw for home seekers. The porch is big enough to enjoy as a breakfast nook or dinner space in mild weather. The porch can also be an entertaining space for a family to enjoy good times with family and friends.

Make sure to check if this model can be built with metal siding upon request.

Specifications: 24×50, 2,376 sq. ft. total living space, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, living room, dinning room, open porch (600 sq.ft.)

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