The PERFECT CUTE Guest Retreat Cabin for just $11,990

The Guest Retreat cabin building is a 200 square feet backyard wood cabin that is the perfect size to use for an inlaw cabin building, guest house or garden cottage. This cabin building also can have a lovely verandah attached. This cabin building is only available as a kit. The Cabin Life is located in Australia. If you don’t live in Australia, this is an excellent site to use as a resource for all of your tiny house building inspiration. This cabin building kit could be used as a spare room, a teenagers retreat, beach cabin, camping hut, studio, garden shed, sauna room and so much more. You will want to take a look at the Cabin Life site for the full list of cabin buildings that are available.

A tiny house building and cabin building kit is a great idea for people who are hoping to go off grid. Imagine living with no more electricity bills and using solar power to power your wood cabin. Going off the grid and using solar power is a great way to save money, and an especially good idea for your vacation wood cabin. Off-grid options are more popular than ever before, and these cabin building kits are affordable compact housing that can be set up for off-grid living. To set your cabin building kit for off-grid living, you can consider using a small 12-volt solar system which starts from around $1,000.