How To Build A Cozy Log Cabin For Less Than $500

What if we tell you that you could build a cozy log cabin for less than $500? Even if it sounds like science-fiction or at least some sort of scam, the structure you see in the photo respects both of the above-mentioned conditions. A man with no experience in construction took on the adventure of building his own home. He got some help from a group of young people and just 8 months later this 10 by 10 feet log cabin was complete. For the process a number of 52 logs were used as well as 9 patio stones (on which the floor was set) and 2by4s to make the support structure. If this wasn’t impressive enough, learn that the only tool put to use was a chainsaw, the rest was all done by hand! The result is quite satisfying. This example shows that you can have an inexpensive off-grid cabin in a rather short amount of time. Watch the video to see more details.