Featured Log Builder: Woodland Log Crafters

Real, high-quality log homes built by Woodland Log Crafters will last a lifetime. The company was founded in 1983, and they have been building custom log and timber homes. All of those years of experiences have lent well to their business and their focus on designing and building the best log homes for their customers. The log builders at Woodland Log Crafters have their focus on a fair and honest approach when it comes to their building practice, and they are invested in using high-quality materials and paying close attention to detail. All of this results in a smooth sailing process for their customer where there are no surprises in the end. The design team at Woodland Log Crafters takes care of their clients right from day one, helping them find a plan they love, and that will fit their day to day needs and their budget. The log builders have the experience in building which gives them the vision to create such beautiful designs. Since the design of the log home is the most crucial element of the process, it’s great to have their experts helping you every step of the way. Once the design is complete, they then have a high-quality home package they will create which will then be easy to re-assemble yourself on your property. While there are many companies that offer this type of service, Woodland does it all at a competitive price, without expensive budget surprises. Over the 35 years, they’ve been in business, they’ve learned a lot, and now they use all of that experience to provide the best quality package at a great price.

All of their plans can be customized, and each of their packages is complete. That means it includes everything from the shell down to the fixtures. Not only does this make for a better experience for the customer, but it also helps to avoid going over budget too. Their support is also something that they offer throughout the process, so you always have someone to explore any difficulties with. The log building packages include the detailed drawings and clearly labelled pre-cut materials which are all created in their workshop. Once the package is on the property, customers can either build the home themselves or have the help of the log builders or another hired contractor. All of the materials needed to construct the log home are included, so you’ll get the shell, exterior finishes, windows and doors, as well as the roofing. You’ll also get the interior walls and finishes as well as the fasteners.

So by going for a home package, you’ll be avoiding high labour costs if you do some of the work yourself or if you hire a builder since all of the pieces are pre-cut. All of the log home shells are 100% handcrafted by log builders, so you know the building will last for years. All of their log builders have been with the team for many years which makes the highly experienced and competent in their building practices and methods. The team is also a member of the International Log Builders’ Association (ILBA) and The Great Lakes Log Crafters Association (GLLCA) as well as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Wisconsin Home Builders Association (WHBA) and their log homes go above and beyond the requirements for these organizations. So if you’re interested in a quality log home that’s affordable, it would be worth calling their friendly staff to talk more about your ideas for your log home. You can also browse through their photos of completed projects as well to see just how lovely their log homes and cabins are.