Beautiful Timber Frame 3 Bedroom Kit Home for $32,880

Beautiful Timber Frame 3 Bedroom Kit Home for $32,880

Beautiful Timber Frame Dutch Saltbox with 3 Bedrooms!

This is a 1700 square foot home with three bedrooms, cozy living room with a fireplace for everyone to gather around, roomy kitchen area and dining area right next to it, and a den on the first floor, with one bathroom, and a second bathroom on the second floor, where the three bedrooms are located. It’s a kit home, so you can either erect the building structure yourself at a base price, or you can have the company do it for around $4000 more.

The dimensions of this house are 24 by 36 feet, and it’s a two-story as mentioned already. It’s a timber frame Vermont Frames kit, and the price looks pretty good, compared with a lot of other kit homes we’ve looked at. The base price for the kit home (owner erected) is $32,880, and the price including erecting the house (the Vermont Frames crew does it) is adds another just under 4k to that. Panels are just under $21k.

Sounds like a pretty good starting point for people who are exploring options for a kit home or an inexpensive set up for a family-sized home. It’s called “The Shelburne.”

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