Dream big in a one-of-a-kind tiny house with a very impressive kitchen



If you ever find yourself confused about what life in a tiny house might be like, this one built by Tiny Idahomes might be just the model you’ve been seeking. It even comes with instructions.
Above the dining room nook is a sign on the wall that reads, “Eat.” That’s clear enough. On another wall is an inscription that reads, “Living simple.” And above the bed is a sign that sums it all up in big, block lettering: “Dream.”
But this tiny house is deceivingly luxurious. The most amazing features are three pop-out A-frames that extend the size of the house and give it a convincingly residential look. It is made of solid, two-by-four construction with plywood walls and ceilings and a metal roof. The kitchen is equipped with a Norcold RV 2-door refrigerator and an Atwood 22-inch gas range/oven with a range hood. It has an on-demand water heater and a porcelain RV toilet and a shower. But that’s enough for spoilers. Let’s take a tour and see what might surprise us.