Adaptable, Flatpack Minka Home Can Be Assembled In 3 Days

As we evolve, there are going to be new and different needs for home designs and construction. That’s where smaller dwellings that are easier to build come in to fill a need for fast, affordable, yet reliable housing. The Minka Building System™ is a new and innovative home design that offers all of that and more, providing environmentally friendly housing for all. Each of these cute little homes features a full kitchen with large appliances and a living room, as well as at least one bedroom and bathroom. The exteriors of these homes are beautifully and tastefully done, making them look very modern and stylish. Most of the designs feature a level roofline which contributes to that stylish contemporary look, but they could also change that up to meet the needs of the client. The exterior of the home is clad in wood siding which looks great, keeping it natural, but not rustic. Windows are added on each side of the building bringing more light into the home and offering great views of the outside world. Inside, the living area is nice and open with the kitchen in one corner of the space. The kitchen features full-sized stainless steel appliances and a ceramic kitchen sink as well as an all in one washer and dryer unit. Close to the kitchen is the dining area which can fit a small table and chairs to seat up to 6 people.

The living room area features enough room for a sofa or a daybed. It could also be great for a sofa that converts into a bed or a futon as well. Then just around the corner is the bedroom area with a full-sized bed in it and a little closet off to the side. The bathroom is a wet bathroom with cedar wood flooring, and the entire bathroom can get wet, so there’s no need for a shower stall. This makes these homes practical for those in wheelchairs or those who use walkers to get around. These homes are specially designed for the elderly so that they are able to have full mobility within their homes. Dr. Bill Thomas is the innovator behind Minka Homes and Communities. He has a 30-year career as a geriatrician, a professor and as an advocate for elders. So he has taken the time to listen to what people actually want and need as they age, and Minka is the result of that allowing people to live independently for as long as possible. The Minka home designs are carefully planned out with the customers in mind, and the customer is guiding the design the entire time too. The homes are fabricated using their own robotic CNC Minka Printers which reduce waste and the cost of the building. Meanwhile, while the building package is being fabricated, the building site can be prepared.

All of the components are pre-cut which allows for fast assembly on the building site. Even without a lot of building experience most people with some building experience or knowledge can build these homes in about three days. The components arrive flat-packed which helps to save money on shipping. Currently Minka’s flagship Model Two is a 640 square foot a one bedroom home will cost around $100,000. This doesn’t include the foundation, transportation or the zoning and planning costs which will all depend on the design. The designs for the homes are based on Edo Period Japanese “Minka” architecture and also Scandinavian design. They are post and beam construction which gives the customer the ability to choose their own unique design. The first Minka factory is in Upstate New York where all of the buildings are manufactured and then shipped out across the country.