Peek inside this waterfront tiny cottage. Its vintage living room will conquer you



For many of our ancestors, the thought of residing in 2,500 square feet was something reserved for celebrities and royalty. The truth is it wasn’t that long ago when living in tiny homes wasn’t a movement, it was strictly a way of life. For a majority of us, a visit to our great-grandparents meant cramming into tight quarters (and the all-to-familiar of the echo of plastic covered furniture squeaking through the room).
To clarify, there was nothing ‘wrong’ with living within a tight space. In fact, it was cozy, quaint, warm, and formed an excellent bonding experience. It’s these principles that the Truro Cottage relishes upon – recognizing that tiny home living isn’t just for a trailer or a cabin.

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The Truro Cottage is a single room spaced over 272 square feet. It is a 1930s design and much of the décor matches that traditional style. The living room is a cozy space for conversing and relaxing.

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