Customer Built Deck For Sale

When you live in a small space, it’s essential to have some good outdoor space. That’s why these customers built a deck on their tiny house built by Big Freedom Tiny Homes. The customers not only built a deck on the back of their home but they also built a small porch on the front of the home, plus, it’s covered too. Usually, a deck is up to the customers to build onto their tiny house after the home is parked, but sometimes companies will build the decks for the customers.

A great way to have a portable deck that goes with the house wherever it goes is to have one built into the tiny house design. These can be porches built onto the trailer, or flip up decks that fold up and stay attached to the sides of the tiny house while it’s in motion. Having a deck will expand the livable space in the tiny house providing another area to relax and hang out. Putting some outdoor furniture will only help to make the space feel more like an outdoor living room or dining area.

Inside this tiny house on wheels, you’ll also see some other ways that the builders maximized the space within the house. They made a lot of room for the living room area by adding in a sectional sofa that converts into a bed. There is also storage within the couch as well which makes it even more desirable for a tiny house. Even with all of the space saving features, the kitchen in this tiny house is excellent. They gave the customers a great apartment sized gas stove and oven as well as a larger fridge too. All things that are very important to making a home run smoothly. In the home, there are also two lofts which creates space for sleeping and storage. One of the lofts is accessed by a ladder and the other by a staircase. The staircase even has some storage in it as well which is wonderful, and once in the loft, there is some closet space as well. This is a tiny house that has it all and then some, and there’s always room to grow by adding a deck on.

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