26′ Tiny With 2′ Loft Extension For Sale

A tiny house from Big Freedom Tiny Homes can be made to match your existing home or in this case a barn. This 26-foot tiny house design with a 2-foot loft extension matches the barn on this property perfectly. The exterior was painted deep red with some grey accents and white trim to match the barn it’s parked in front of. You can see the little extension in the loft space as well which makes room for more storage space in the home for clothing and other items. There is also a nice small storage box outside of the tiny house as well which would be great for storing mechanical items and outdoor gear.

Inside, this design is beautiful, the kitchen backsplash is especially inspirational, made all out of river rock, and it pairs nicely with the granite countertops. They installed an apartment sized gas range and oven as well as an apartment sized fridge which is perfect for those who love to cook in their tiny house on wheels. The cabinets in the kitchen offer plenty of storage, and there are also some shelves in the corner as well as some hooks to hang items from. There’s also a shelf that extends from the main sleeping loft over top of the kitchen window that would be great for plants or other items.

The bathroom is just beyond the kitchen with a sliding door for privacy. This bathroom features a flush toilet and sink with a shower stall. With Big Freedom Tiny Homes, bathtubs are also available in these designs. The living room includes a great convertible sofa from Ikea that is very popular in tiny houses on wheels. It’s honestly the best sectional sofa for a tiny house because of the storage space it has, and the fact that it converts into a bed is also awesome. That way if there are ever guests sleeping over they have a place to sleep that is really comfortable. There is also a second loft in this tiny house that features a ladder to get up to it. This and other tiny house designs are available through Big Freedom Tiny Homes in Bellingham, Washington.

For Sale : www.tinyhouse4.me