Awesome Little Wodden Cottage Costing only $14,068 Click for Some Great Photos

You will fall in love with this little “Log cottage” from Jamaica Cottage Shop. This tiny log cottage was originally designed to be used as the sales office for the company, with this insulated version of the log cottage.

This log cottage got an upgrade to being fully insulated inside, plus a wood stove was added to make it useable all year long as a workspace.

The log cottage was designed as an office, but with it’s lovely front covered porch and comfy interior the log cottage would work perfectly as a pool house, a kid’s playhouse, a cabana, an artist studio or whatever you choose.

All of the company’s wood sheds, utility enclosures, garden sheds, log cottages and playhouses are built using the finest lumber, handcrafted to live a long life and for durability. All of the wooden structures can be customized for clients to meet whatever needs they might have. You can choose from plumbing, electrical packages, and insulation packages. You also can choose from flooring, windows, doors and roofing. Other custom options include built-in storage, painting, staining, decorative arches, and flower boxes. To find out what options and their pricing, you can take a look on the company’s website. For any other questions, you can get ahold of the customer service team, for additional information and quotes.

What would you use a log cottage like this for? It would make a lovely vacation home somewhere close to a lake. You could put a daybed inside, or a futon couch and set up a tiny kitchen and dining table, to have a quaint little place to get away. You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy yourself. Or you could also use it as a temporary place to stay on your property while your larger house is being built. Later it could be used as a guest log cottage on the property, or as a playhouse for the kids. The kids would fall in love with a log cottage like this. There are so many options to consider.

This particular log cottage is a nice design with a covered porch that would keep you out of the rain while providing a nice place to set up a cozy chair or couch to relax on any time of day. There are windows, and a door included in the prefabricated log cottage kit. This log cottage has a cute wood stove that would quickly heat up the tiny space on cold days. This log cottage has a beautiful wood finish and a green roof. There are other roof colors available to give your log cottage a nice look. This log cottage would make a nice garden shed or farm stand booth. It is a nice design.

On the site, you can find all sorts of additional options to add to your log cottage. You might opt to add a weathervane for some character, a wood stove roof insert to add the wood stove or a stained glass roundel could be chosen.

On the site, there are also a few videos to give you an even closer look at these cozy log cottages. This is a reputable log cottage business that you could find some quality wood designs that are sure to be used somewhere in your life. They even offer tiny houses on wheels for your full time living needs. This site is a place where you could find a guest cottage, a full-time log cottage, or a place to start your business. It’s worth taking a look. The nice thing about these log cottage designs is that they are already made for you. You just go on the site and select the log cottage that appeal to you, it’s that easy.